Don't Major in Engineering - Well Some Types of Engineering

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Career counselors have no idea what they're talking about. It's our mission at Engineered Truth to be everyone's career consultant.

We're tired of seeing people force themselves into dying careers while there are industries out there that don't have enough talent. 

Our mission at Engineered Truth is to help you align your skills with the demands of today's world. And sometimes that means working for yourself.

The point is if you're going to major in engineering, you should have realistic expectations of how difficult it will be to get a job and what your job will be like. I've had a Mechanical Engineer at Tesla tell me that his job is just a job (where he has to work 50 hours per week). His LinkedIn:

Aerospace Engineering

Electrical Engineering:

Civil Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering:

Petreoleum Engineering:

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